Break down internal barriers. Transform silos into shared goals.

Our approach



All of our engagements start with a detailed analysis of current processes and practices. We benchmark strengths and weaknesses. We identify gaps. We develop targeted recommendations based on highly specific business goals.



We bring key representatives from your supply chain team, clinical leadership and operations to create a shared understanding and a collaborative approach to optimizing your supply chain moving forward.



We partner with you to effectively implement all prioritized recommendations. We stay by your side until the job is done and the changes have been adopted and fully operationalized.

Services that yield results

  • Perioperative
    OR operating at full health? We can help you fully optimize inventory with gap analyses on current processes and by embedding best practices to limit errors and open communication.

  • Offsite Sterile and Case Cart Processing
    An in-depth feasibility study determines if offsite processing is a viable option based on your logistics and footprint. If so, our full planning services will guide you to successful implementation.

  • Preference Card Standardization
    Have thousands of out-of-date, redundant or obsolete preference cards in your system? Pulling the wrong card creates a domino of costly delays. We apply process techniques to organize, analyze, consolidate and standardize preference cards for accuracy and efficiency.

  • Supply Quantities and Locations Recommendations
    Often, key supplies are scattered across locations and managed inconsistently while many organizations can’t access quality information to back inventory decisions. We’ll evaluate your sterile processing practices and consolidate supplies based on usage, clinical preferences and real-life data.

  • Scheduling Accuracy & Standardization
    Most providers have a 30 percent or greater scheduling error rate. Fragmented processes and fuzzy nomenclature are common culprits. We lead collaborative processes like grouping procedures and standardizing language for surgical teams to learn from errors and make improvements.

  • Management Services
    Finding the right person to manage your supply chain is a challenging hire. We’ll do the heavy lifting by embedding a supply chain resource that is recruited, hired, trained and managed by Vanderbilt Health Supply Chain Solutions, but fully dedicated to your facility.

  • Process and KPI Development
    Success requires smart goals. We collaborate with you to map the path forward and establish specific and measurable performance indicators, helping your teams chart progress and make intelligent adjustments.

A powerful partnership

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Vanderbilt Health Purchasing Collaborative
In partnership with Vanderbilt Health Purchasing Collaborative, we evaluate group purchasing opportunities to help you do more with less. Together, we define and implement synergies resulting in lower supply, pharmaceutical and purchased services expenses.

Meet our Team

We are a group of operators who understand how to get things done. We offer a unique blend of clinical, operational and financial expertise. We are battle-tested and eager to use our hard-earned experience to elevate your organization.

Teresa L. Dail, RN, BSN, CMRP

Teresa began her career in the clinical realm as a nurse. Later, she transitioned to supply chain as a clinical resource manager in a seven-hospital system. Currently, Teresa is responsible for operations for logistics, distribution, contracting, systems, purchasing, accounts payable, capital, linen, clinical engineering, travel, and other disbursement services for the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Clinical Enterprise.

Brian Dakin, MMHC, CMRP
Vice President

Brian is an operational and consulting leader with 
25+ years of diverse perioperative and supply chain experience developing, managing and leading department and facility operational initiatives in 
large academic and non-academic facilities. His background combines front-line responsibilities 
with financial, business, supply chain and clinical management experience in the perioperative arena.

Robin Adkins BSN, CNOR, RNFA
Senior Clinical Engagement Manager

Robin is a nurse with 25+ years of diverse operating room experience in facilities of all sizes, from ASCs to Level I Trauma centers. Her background combines front-line clinical and supply chain experience within the perioperative area. Her training and experience as a nurse provides a unique skill set and point of view when solving supply chain challenges.

Colin Dmochowski, MHA
Senior Consultant, Business Strategy

Colin has six years of healthcare experience. He has closely worked with VUMC’s group purchasing consortium to support business and financial insights. Colin has specific expertise in the creation of various financial models, including revenue/expense projections and analysis, for evaluating viability of offsite surgical services support facilities.

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